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Jul 23 2009



Day to day, man. Day to day.

I guess my grim determination to just plow through infused me with some otherworldly strength today. I walked into class with my timer, my posters, and one objective: to show these kids a) who was boss and b) that they COULD be awesome writers, if they just stopped being so lazy.

I was on point. My SMT glowed with praise for me today…it was SUCH a gratifying feeling. Took me three weeks, but I finally had ONE day where I felt like i could be a dynamo in the classroom. Not only that, but like my kids respected me, not just liked me.

I used all kinds of little things that I didn’t think would work and did–putting a strawberry-scented checkmark on the Do Now to ensure they did it, counting down to a big goal (“TWO DAYS, CLASS. NINETY MINUTES TO GO FROM A 2 TO A 4 ON THE PSSA WRITER’S RUBRIC. IF ANYONE CAN DO IT, WE CAN.”) and also, just speeding through my intro to new material. My kids benefited from these changes…they were galvanized and driven to write, to write well, to show me and others how smart they were.

It was awesome. If I’m lucky, it’ll be the same way tomorrow.

If I know what’s good for me, I won’t anticipate it, no matter how much I EXPECT it. 0__o

 Good day :)

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